Adventure Into the Unknown


We are cheesed off seeing awesome businesses being devoured as soon as they start to grow.

Our mission is to develop multimillion pound ventures by working with business builders to navigate a path through the traps and pitfalls they face.

There is an abundance of fantastic support for early stage startups looking for seed investment, Moonshot is for those looking to take the next step.

We partner with founders seeking to slingshot their business from “seed-funded startup” to “robust commercial enterprise”.

Our programme comprises two entry levels:


Tailor-made accelerator


One size doesn’t fit all, heck, it doesn’t fit anyone! That’s why we don’t conform to a programme syllabus or set of modules. This isn’t high school, this is real life.

We come to you. We get to know your business and we custom build a programme that works. Our team comprises experts in finance, marketing, operations, investment and business leadership.

This is not “assembly line” start-up manufacturing. We hand pick founders we believe can build fantastic, sustainable businesses.


Engine Room
founder development
analytics and data
finance and revenue
market and customer strategy
operations and process management

The Leadership Lens

Ideas worth spreading

Meet the Moonshot team

Sharon Mars

Sharon was a company director at one of the UK’s largest marketing communications agencies before the age of 30. She has advised senior management teams in global blue chip organisations while spearheading new market penetration and growth in her own business.


  • Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Chartered Institute of Public Relations
  • Google Squared Digital Marketing
  • MA Honours in English (1st class)

Okay, but what's this person really like:

  • INFP personality-type (The Mediator)
  • Lifts weights, runs and cycles in circles for fun
  • Most likely spotted eating peanut butter or watching Premiership football

Jim Duffy

Jim started and scaled Entrepreneurial Spark to 13 cities in the UK and 4 in India.  He has published the highly acclaimed book: Create Special - Think and Act like an Entrepreneur to change your life. He has led on partnerships with NatWest, KPMG, Dell EMC and Pinsent Masons.


  • MBE for work with entrepreneurs
  • Charter class of Saltire Foundation
  • BSc Honours (1st Class)

Okay, but what's this person really like:

  • INTJ personality-type (The Visionary)
  • Addicted to Netflix and boxsets – The Sopranos, Billions and Californication
  • Give it to him in a sentence

Al Walker

Al built and sold his business in Colombia in 2017 before returning to the UK to set up Moonshot. Prior to his Colombia adventure, he worked for Accenture Strategy leading process improvement initiatives across FTSE100 companies in sectors including FMCG, automotive, telecommunications and government.


  • Master of Mechanical Engineering (MEng)
  • Lean Six Sigma Black belt trained
  • Sales Force developer certified

Okay, but what's this person really like:

  • ISFP personality-type (“The Adventurer”)
  • He’s no Messi (yeah, no kidding!), but plays football whenever he can or enjoys hacking around the golf course
  • Most likely spotted eating Haribo Tangfastics, watching Game of Thrones or listening to drum and base



  • Know it all already
  • Do not see the value of world class mentorship
  • Want to take Bank Holidays off and are not 100% committed
  • Cannot take hard love
  • Do not want a partner for the long term, there with you all the way
  • Do not want to be a multimillionaire
  • Want us to run your business for you
  • Don't have a sense of humor
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