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The bloody truth about the startup fairytale

  Sharks kill five people every year. Five out of 7.4billion (and counting). It’s hardly a significant proportion, is it?   In fact, it’s so unusual, every time a shark

A ‘thought shower’ on the history of management bulls*** bingo

    The Chancellor’s joke about Michael Gove’s ‘long, economicky words’ struck a chord with me.   I’m a big fan of innovation and, as we know, innovation is one
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Avoiding the pitfalls that lead to zombification

  Apparently Brad Pitt filmed a movie in Glasgow all about zombies.   Many of the streets around the city centre were renamed and given American-style street signs so it
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A Blockchain mindset

  It’s time for founders and startups to get real when it comes to managing their investors…   I’ve spoken with oodles of investors recently. Before this I spoke with
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How to get the best from your Facebook ads

  The Facebook Ad platform is an increasingly popular tool for entrepreneurs and startups because of its relative ease of use, accessibility and customer reach. However, it can quickly become

Should I write a blog for my business?

  “Should I write a blog for my business?” Google the answer and you’ll find arguments on both sides (including contradictory headlines from the same publication!):   “Why your small
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Altitude sickness: are you prepared to scale?

  Clint Eastwood starred in the Eiger Sanction many years ago.  It’s a pretty good movie and although not recent, it is worth tracking down.  In the movie, Eastwood is

Short-termism is killing startups – it’s time we grow up

  It’s a fact… not enough businesses are making it in the startup world.  There are plenty starting in all sectors with great ideas.  There are a shed load of

Startup life lessons from Arsenal football club

  Ok, here’s a wee exercise for you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and tell me the first word that comes to mind when I say “Arsenal football

It’s time female founders received a level playing field

    I recently interviewed a woman who was running a new startup and asked her about her capacity to be “all in” as running a new business is all-encompassing.
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Listen to your customers – don’t get trapped on Fantasy Island

  Boss, the plane, the plane!!  Yes it was these immortal words from Herve Villechaize aka Tattoo to Mr Roark on the programme – Fantasy Island – that I always
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Stop being a startup, become a business builder

    Business is the beating heart of a country.  Whether it’s selling mangos at the roadside, building an Internet of Things startup or operating in a large corporate.  Business,